IMTMA - ACE MICROMATIC Productivity championship Awards 2018

"Showcasing Competitiveness in Manufacturing"


Manufacturing competitiveness embraces innovation, cutting edge technology, new equipment design, systems engineering, resource optimisation, productivity enhancement and a whole gamut of smart and value added solutions. Companies are constantly challenged in all spheres of their business in order to sustain growth and remain competitive.

  • Has your company created a breakthrough in technology?
  • Have you made a paradigm shift in the way you manufacture your products?
  • Do you have a path breaking success story that has created significant value for your stakeholders?
  • Has your market share improved exponentially?
  • Have you developed a sustainable strategy and mechanism to be able to constantly offer innovative solutions to the market?
  • Have you developed any patents / IP?
  • Have you created a brand equity in the global market?

If YES, we invite you to compete for the IMTMA – ACE Micromatic Productivity  championship Awards 2018!

These awards recognize outstanding efforts in manufacturing that have resulted in breakthrough achievements, set new benchmarks, challenged the existing paradigms and have enabled companies gain a cutting edge in the market place. Participation from leading companies; sharing of experiences; recognition of achievers; and engendering an enthusiastic competitive spirit has contributed to the stature of the Awards.

Winners will be crowned Champions and awarded cash prizes upto Rs.10 Lakhs, at the National Productivity Summit 2018.

  • "It feels great winning the Productivity Championship Award specially because it is a place where only the best get an opportunity to showcase their achievements in the field of operational excellence and winning at such a platform certainly triggers a spark to constantly perform well and participate again.”

    Maruti Suzuki India Ltd Gurgaon
  • "Presentation by various companies from diversified fields and their breakthrough activity has showcased opportunities to improve wherever required. A new technology already implemented and with proven results shown at the Summit was an eye-opener and has given us a clear understanding of tech availability in and out of India. The National Productivity Summit is one of the best platforms that enable companies to determine where we stand in the competitive market."

    SKF India Pune
  • "Being one among the 12 chosen case studies is a massive achievement; in fact the Summit offered a wonderful platform through which we are able to cross-learn the industrial best practices of India. There were lot of takeaways including the introduction to many more tools, methodologies and philosophies from leading companies to improve productivity. Having witnessed various case studies from numerous industrial ecosystem, it has provided with us an opportunity to calibrate our position among the best companies of India."

    Wabco India Chennai
  • "It was a great experience to participate in the National Productivity Summit 2015. It was a good forum that was made available by IMTMA to share ideas, improvements and practices followed in various organisations. We participated for the first time and our project was appreciated. Our top management was happy to receive the award and have decided to continue participating in the coming years.”

    Keihin Fie Pvt. Ltd Pune